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Wondering How this Works?  It’s a Simple Process for YOU!!

Having been in this business for years now, we have a process in place that has been designed and consistently refined by the best in the business!  We make the process simple for the client to understand, and we get the results we promise!

  1. Your first step is to set up an account on our website.  We have made this simple and completely self-explanatory.  In this process you will decide the “package” you wish to purchase.  There will also be a link for you to get a customized quote, should you wish that.
  2. You will need to decide whether you will create your own articles or if you wish our experts to do so.  If your decision is to write your own, you need only upload them into your account.  If you want us to produce the articles, you will find an informational section where you are to provide all of the salient data we ask for.
  3. We study your website and your business (as well as your competition) and recommend keywords and/or keyword phrases that should be used as back links to your site.  We may revise your articles to include these, and they will be included in any articles we write for you.  These revisions or new articles will be uploaded into your account for your approval.
  4. While waiting for approval from you, our researchers are locating every directory and every category within large and popular directories, to which submission would be beneficial and appropriate.  We will devise a list of those categories and directories, in order of importance, so that we can begin the submission process from most beneficial downward.
  5. Once your approval is obtained, we begin the process of manually submitting your articles to the targeted directories.  We have confirmed the “rules” in advance, so each article will match the administrators’ guidelines and thus will be approved.  We do not use an automated process, for that leaves you open to rejection and/or determination that you are a “spammer.”
  6. We send you a report, specifying each approved submission, and you can then check them out for yourself!
  7. You will quickly see an increase of traffic to your site!  We know you will be thrilled with the results.

Once our initial work for you is complete, and you have seen the great results, we know you will return for additional writing/submissions!  We welcome your continued business, and will work hard to ensure that you become a long-term customer of! is an authorized reseller of goods and services provided by