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From - Philip Tolison

"True professionals who met my SEO needs with solid strategies and results.  I will recommend 4submission.com to others.”   


From - Katy L.

"I am very pleased with the results, and am getting much more traffic to my site.  People at 4submission.com are friendly and knowledgeable!  Great service and a great price.” 


From - Tom and Theresa Myers


"We have a home décor site and have used 4submission.com for link building services on three occasions.  We could not be happier with the results, and will continue to use them as we add more sites.” 


From - Bill Schearer

"Not only did 4submission.com provide excellent SEO services, but I received a full monthly report, so that I could check the directories, blogs and forums.  Traffic has increased, and I am moving on up with Google!”   


From - Carolyn Steinmeyer

"I used 4submission.com’s SEO services for 4 of my sites, and their results were far better than the service I had previously used.  They have my business from now on.  The quality of writing was excellent, and the venues used were perfect for my businesses.” 


From - Charles Gaffney


"I am a web developer and have used a number of SEO services on a contract basis for my clients.  The quality and speed of 4submission.com has not been met by other services.  I am not saying they are the best, but they are the best I have found thus far.” 


From - Sally W.

"Once I began using bookmarking services from 4submission.com, I saw results almost immediately.  Traffic has really increased over the past 30 days, and I am expanding my marketing strategies based upon the recommendations of the pros at 4submission.com.  My business is finally taking off!”   


From - Leon Klein

"Great quality and great service – I’ll be back!” 


From - Geoffrey M.


"I had a very average website and no clue about internet marketing strategies.  4submission.com contacted me, studied my site, made great suggestions for changes, developed keywords, and then set about getting me out there.  I could not be more pleased with the growth over the past two months.  Am ready to move on to the next package!” 


From - Sebastian C.

"My greatest appreciation lies in the fact that a team of people who knew what they were doing evaluated my sites, did the research for the best blogs, forums, and directories, and then set about writing great articles and posts.  I see 4submission.com as the place for my continued SEO needs.”   


From - Linda Carillo

"Great service and great prices.  Traffic is increasing every day.  thank you 4submission.com.” 


From - Peggy Miereke


"My entire business is online, and I depend on continually increasing traffic and purchases if I am to survive.  I need high quality SEO services on a continual basis, and have used several firms over the years with varied success.  4submission.com contacted me,, and I decided to give them a try.  The first thing they did was analyze my sites and suggest some important changes.  No other service did that for me.  Then, they completed all of the writing for every directory, blog or forum, and the link-building was clearly excellent.  I will be using 4submission.com exclusively from this point forward.” 


From - Stan Weinstein

"The proof is in the results, and I got results for my clients with 4submission.com.  I have outsourced SEO services for several years now, and first used 4submission.com about a year ago.  Quality, service, and great increase in traffic for my clients are the results we need, and the team working with my clients has exceeded our expectations.  These are true pros for a great price.”   

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