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Our Pricing

We have a number of pre-designed packages from which our clients may choose.  These are reasonable and based upon market competition.  Remember, that we use no automated programs to submit or spin articles, and, if a company offers what seems to be a terrifically cheap price, beware!

If you do not find any of our packages suitable, let us design one for you, based upon the coverage you want.  You will find that we are flexible with customized campaigns and can give you any depth and breadth you desire. 

Whichever you choose, the proof will be quickly apparent.  You will begin to see increased traffic very soon, and increased traffic translates into increased sales.  



Social Bookmarking

№ of submissionsTurnaround timePrice and discountBuy
50 Social Bookmarking3 days$10
100 Social Bookmarking3 days$17 (Save $3)
150 Social Bookmarking3 days$25 (Save $5)
200 Social Bookmarking5 days$33 (Save $7)
300 Social Bookmarking7 days$50 (Save $10)

RSS submission

№ of submissionsTurnaround timePrice and discountBuy
25 RSS submissions2 days$5
50 RSS submissions3 days$10
75 RSS submissions3 days$14 (Save $1)
100 RSS submissions4 days$18 (Save $2)
130 RSS submissions4 days$22 (Save $4)

Blog Comments

№ of submissionsTurnaround timePrice and discountBuy
50 Blog Comments5 days$40
100 Blog Comments7 days$70 (Save $10)
150 Blog Comments9 days$100 (Save $20)
300 Blog Comments10 days$190 (Save $50)
500 Blog Comments14 days$300 (Save $100)

Forum Profiles

№ of submissionsTurnaround timePrice and discountBuy
100 Forum profiles5 days$20
150 Forum profiles7 days$27 (Save $3)
200 Forum profiles8 days$35 (Save $5)
300 Forum profiles9 days$50 (Save $10)
500 Forum profiles12 days$80 (Save $20)

Article submission

№ of submissionsTurnaround timePrice and discountBuy
100 Article Submissions2 days$4
300 Article Submissions3 days$10 (Save $2)
500 Article Submissions4 days$15 (Save $5)
100 Article Submissions+Writing3 days$13
300 Article Submissions+Writing3 days$19 (Save $2)
500 Article Submissions+Writing4 days$24 (Save $5)
Soon has two services related to directory article marketing campaigns.

Creation and Submission/Distribution

Since is a full-service SEO company, we have an entire team of writers, who exist for the sole purpose of creating rich and compelling articles, blog posts, forum threads, and website content for clients.  We can create articles for all directories that are determined to be related to your business niche.  Once the articles are written, they are placed into your personal account with us, so that you have the opportunity for review and approval before we submit them.

Once the articles are created, our submission and distribution team takes over.  It is the task of these professionals to locate the directories and categories within those directories to which your articles should be submitted.  Further, these experts study the “rules” of each directory, so that each article submitted (and these are submitted manually only) is guaranteed of approved by directory administrators.

Submission/Distribution Only

Often, we have clients who prefer to create their own articles and request us to do the research and submissions.  In this case, we will review the articles to ensure that they meet the guidelines of preferred directories.  If, for example, there are too few or too many back-links, we will recommend changes so that the article gains approval and so that you have the maximum number of links allowed. 

Once your approval is obtained, in either case, we set about the task of submission and distribution.  We work from a prioritized listing of directories, beginning with those that are most popular and most related to your business, working our way down until your budgetary commitment has been met. 

At any time during or after this process, you are welcome to review the reports we provide and request additional articles and/or submissions. We are poised to create new articles or take additional articles you write and submit them as well.  We believe that long-term marketing campaigns work best, because, in this way, you remain consistently and regularly visible to all potential customers.

Variety of Payment Options

Once you have approved the articles, we will ask for payment, and you may use any major credit card or PayPal for this purpose.  As soon as the payment is processed, the submission process begins, followed by regular reports back to you. is an authorized reseller of goods and services provided by