How It Works. Directory submission, article submission service.

I am a little perplexed and left wondering about how all of this works. Doesn’t it sound too good to be true?

Well, you needn’t worry about this. We have been in the business of article writing and submission for a long time now. We know exactly what our customers want and we strive hard to deliver those.

Submitting and distributing of an article at is as easy as ABC because we have been at it for so long. We have gained enough expertise and experience to get the work done efficiently for our clients.

You need to follow some simple steps and leave the rest of it to us. Firstly, you need to open an account with us. Once you have done that then you need to buy distribution credits. When you do so, you need to select the right category that suits your specific website niche. After you have done this then you need to wait for our editors, human as we don’t believe machines can offer the best customer service, to review and approve your articles.

Once that is done your end of the task comes to an end. Yes, that is all that you need to do. We will take on from there. Then will send and distribute your articles to hundreds of article directories out there. Let us reiterate that all the work is done manually and we hardly rely on machines to do it for us.

When the articles are approved by the directories where they were submitted you start getting a high amount of link backs to your website. This you will notice in the number of customers and visitors at your website.

All of a sudden your website will be inundated with hits and the traffic will be something that you have never seen before. The popularity of the site will increase and along with it the ranking given on search engines.

Let us look at an example out here:

Google 3,860 results for "Where To Buy A Research Paper Urgently" submitted article
Google 1,390 results for
"How to Score Well for Academic Essays" submitted article
Google 2,220 results for
"Quick Tips Finding The Best Writing Service" submitted article

Everyday your website will be able to claw up the ladder of search engine ranking and this will go a long way in benefiting you in the business arena. More visitors will certainly mean more sale is an authorized reseller of goods and services provided by