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When you conduct a search, on Google for example, there will most likely be numerous pages pulled up.   How many times do you go beyond the first page?  If you are honest, you know that your answer will be, “Never.”  And this is true of the vast majority of individuals who continuously search for products and services by the use of keywords or keyword phrases.  It makes sense, then, that if you have an Internet-based business, you need to be certain that you appear on the first page of search engine results and, ideally, within the first 4 that come up.  Getting there, however, is quite another matter, and you will need the services of a professional SEO company to get you where you want to be!  Why?  Because you will not have the time, the know-how or the energy to conduct all of the research and the tasks involved in gaining one of those top spots on a search engine result.

When you select to conduct your SEO campaign, you are selecting the very best.  We were one of the first agencies in this business, and we have spent years developing and refining our processes, continuing to improve our methods, as technology and the Internet itself have developed and become more and more sophisticated.  We believe that we have both the tools and the professional team to accomplish anyone’s business goals and, most importantly, a top page rank!

Our proven process allows us to both maximize your page rank and to provide guarantees that other companies will not provide.  This is because we do it all carefully, thoroughly and in an individualized manner for each of our valued clients.

Our Process

Phase One:  One of our team members will first consult with you, learning all about your business and fully analyzing your website.  He or she will make recommendations regarding content, layout, etc. and, based upon research of your competition and search engines, devise the keywords and keyword phrases that will ultimately bring you the traffic and page rank you need.  All recommendations will be just those, unless and until you agree to them.  We do want you to understand, however, that our team’s knowledge and understanding of what makes you attractive to both potential customers and to search engines is superior, and we urge you to seriously consider any changes that we suggest, including those all important keywords/phrases.  It is not our intention to change the essential nature of your business, but, rather, to enhance its presentation to both customers and to search engines.  This we can do with finesse and expertise.

Phase Two:  This critical phase involves achieving maximum visibility for your site throughout the web.  Based upon your business niche, our professionals conduct massive research to locate any source for backlinks to your site.  These may, and usually do, include article directories, other websites, blogs, forums, fee-paid links on search engines, etc.  No possibility is overlooked. 

  • Fee-based links:  While these cost a bit, they are nonetheless a quick method of marketing you on popular sites and search engines.  Within the final package design, there will probably be some recommendations for these types of links
  • Article directories are a continually growing and increasingly popular source for all Internet users to find information about virtually any topic.  Directories are like huge databases, divided into categories.  Here, anyone with an interest, from gardening to health, to home improvement to international trade and everything in between, can find numerous articles, written by experts, that provide advice, important information, and opinions on the specified topic.  We will search all article directories for categories related to your business.  Our creative writers will produce great articles that present you as an expert in your field.  Within these articles will be the keywords/phrases that have imbedded links to your site.  Because each directory has its own rules regarding linking and content, it is important that the article submitter be fully apprised of the unique requirements of each directory.  Our professionals make certain that the rules are followed and thus can guarantee approval of their submissions. 
  • Reciprocal links with other sites:  Often, we can locate other sites that are related to your business but not direct competitors.  In these instances, we may request reciprocal links which will benefit both of you!
  • Blogs are great sources for backlinking.  We can post comments on popular, relevant blogs and place links to your site, according to the rules established by the moderator(s).
  • Forums are additional popular places for marketing.  We will get you registered, develop a great bio, using information you provide, and post comment threads that turn you into an expert in your business field.
  • Continued, scheduled “dripping” will occur on directories, blogs, and forums, so that you remain in front of readers’ eyes

Once we have located all of the sources that can be used for marketing and backlinking, we will develop a prioritized listing for you.  Based upon your budget and your goals, you can then choose exactly the package you want to pursue initially, always with the option to return for more once the initial campaign has been implemented.  We believe in establishing long-term relationships with our clients, and will work within your budget to achieve your goals and to optimize your site with all major search engines.

Regular Reports to You

Unlike most of our competition, we do not take your money, complete a quick and ineffective, automated attempt to gain submission approvals and then ignore you.  We submit all articles, comments, threads, etc. manually, so that we know they are approved.  You, as well, receive regular reports along the way, so that you know exactly what has been accomplished on your behalf, and you will obviously have the opportunity to check up on us.  As well, we analyze our own effectiveness in our campaign for you and make revisions as we deem necessary.  You will be informed of any revisions as they are designed.  An important part of our reports will show the increase in traffic from the initial analysis of your site through the completion of our work to date.  You will have the clear facts transparently in front of you.  We shall also continue to monitor the increase in your page rank, and this will be included in our regular reports.

Communication is not meant to be one-way.  If, at any time, you have questions, issues, or concerns, you have several methods to contact us, and we encourage you to do so.  We want you assured and satisfied!


You have lots of options with regard to cost, and we are happy to openly discuss our fees.  While we have pre-set packages which are most popular, we can make any type of package available to you, and a variety of payment options are easily negotiated.  Please contact us to discuss fees, or click on the “Quote Request” link on our site.


Dependent upon the campaign that is ultimately designed for you, we can then discuss the guarantees that we can provide for the services you wish.  We know we can guarantee increased traffic and significant improvement in your page ranking.  The nature of the campaign on which you ultimately decide will determine the specific guarantees we will give you.  We are realistic and pragmatic, and our guarantees are an honest and ethical approach to doing business.  What we do know is this – our guarantees will exceed any given by other SEO companies for the same services!

If we do not meet the guarantees we have given you, we do provide for refunds and will be happy to discuss our refund policy with you at any time.  Please understand, however, that if we have paid fees for certain links, the cost of those cannot be refunded to you.  These fees are paid in advance of the link submission and are non-refundable to us.

One Final Word

If you are serious about growing your business and are ready to move on a successful, effective Internet marketing campaign, and you want the best service for your money, then you want as your partner for link building and search engine optimization service! is an authorized reseller of goods and services provided by