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Forum Posting is A Great Marketing Tool, but it Must be Done Right!

Anyone who has done much surfing on the Internet has run into forums and, if you have read these forums, it would become apparent that forums exist to provide information and expertise on specific topics or fields of interest.  Indeed, that is the entire purpose of forums.  People go to forums to find information of need or interest and expect to find postings from others that relate to the need or interest.

If you have a web business, it only makes sense that you locate all forums that are both popular (widely read) and relate to the service(s) and/or product(s) you offer.  Once you find these forums, then you want to look at the rules for posting, make certain that you can imbed links back to your website. And, ultimately, create a thread that is professional, compelling and that drives readers to your website, through an imbedded link through the use of anchor text.

You can certainly do all of this yourself if you have the time and the ability to accomplish the multiple tasks involved in effective marketing through forum posting.  Or, you can do the smart thing and employ the services of a professional forum posting agency that can complete these tasks in a professional and effective manner.  This is what offers to you and thousands of other clients it has already successfully served.  When you contract with, here is what you get:

  1. Genuine and thorough research to locate all popular forums, with high page ranks, that relate to your business.
  2. The development of authoritative threads which will be posted according to the regulations of each forum and which present you as an expert on the topic.
  3. The use of appropriate and effective anchor text that will link readers to your site.  As traffic to your site increases, so does your own page rank.
  4. As your page rank increases, you move up on the search page of all major search engines when searches are conducted for your product and/or service.
  5. Ongoing search for increasingly popular forums which will be recommended to you for additional posting threads.
  6. As many links to your site, either in content or in your signature, as each forum will allow.
  7. Completely manual submission techniques.  While most seo companies use automated submission techniques, throwing you out there and hoping that some of the postings will “stick,” we do the hard work ahead of time.   We research the requirements of each and every forum; we determine which forums are the best fits for you and are the most popular; we create customized posting threads; we submit each thread manually.  In this way, you are guaranteed approval of all submissions!
  8. You will be provided with regular reports on each and every task we complete for you.


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