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I was new to the online world and not really sure whether article submission would really help take my part time business to greater heights. I decided finally to take the plunge and leap of faith. Since then there has been no looking back for me. My part time business has turned into a full time one and is making me immense profits. The guys at have certainly done a good job. And mind you all of this is verifiable by the number of visitors to your website and the sales generated.


The Primary Reason as to Why Article Marketing is a Failure – part 2

Basically, it is what that drives you to do it and the right time to do it.

You should consistently submit the articles that you write.

If it would be your first time to start and submit articles, or whatever kind of link building campaign you would actually delve into, then you should not worry if you would not be able to immediately see the links that you have just provided to the search engines because these websites, like Google, would need about a couple of months before they would be able to have your links registered.
For the initial couple of months that you are going to work or rather write articles and submit these articles in a consistent manner every month, the effort that you have exerted may not be visible in an instant.
Instead of feeling negative about it, you should simply think of this situation as if you are a gardener who is currently in the process of planting various seeds.
The moment that you get to plant seeds for the very first time, it is possible that you would not immediately see any kind of proof that the seeds are sprouting out of the place where you planted it. The only thing that you would possibly see is the soil, or the dirt where you have planted it, and it would still look similar to a soil that has been planted in yet.
However, there is already something going on under the dirt where you have planted the seeds. This simply means that those seeds that you have planted are already growing and eventually these seeds would try to reach where the sunlight is. Even if you would not be able to see this process, you are certain that this is actually happening.
If you are not going to be patient with what is happening to your seeds, then you might end up walking away, thinking at the back of your mind that there is nothing happening to the seeds that you have planted.
However, if you actually tried to wait for quite some time before you walked away, and was consistent with regard to watering the seeds, then you may have possibly seen crops growing right in front of your eyes.
Steps that may want to think about putting into action:

Regardless if you actually acquired necessary skills or you simply have the proper knowledge with regard to the use of the World Wide Web, or even consider yourself to be very knowledgeable about the Internet, more particularly about SEO, still you to consider these points so that you may develop and improve the results that you get whenever you submit articles.

– You should never forget submitting articles in a consistent manner each month.
– Try submitting articles that may be good for a longer period of time.

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