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Getting The Articles that You Have Accepted in an Instant Without Any Hesitation! – part 4

6. When you write an article, it should not include any kind of affiliate link.

4submission takes this into consideration, which is why this has been included in the editorial guideline. There are actually a lot of publishers who really take time in doing this. As it was already mentioned prior to this, the article that you have should always give more importance as to how it would be able to serve its potential readers, aside from this, it should not also have a feel as if you are promoting something, and an affiliate link would only make the article seem as if the primary objective is to sell to the readers.

If you wish to add affiliate links, this should be done on the resource box provided for you, it is of utmost importance that if you would be placing a link this should not be in any relation to the product made mention because this would only make your article a promotional article.

7. Whenever you write articles, it should be proofread, over and over again, and proofread again.

There are many instances wherein articles being sent to publishers are not accepted simply because the articles have certain typographical errors or problems pertaining to grammar.

Learning how to write fast will come along eventually, as long as you try to do so, but some of the most usual errors made are what they call homophones, and these words denote that the it may have the same sound, but it is actually spelled in a different way, and because of this, people often get this mixed up.

Some of the words that should be watched out for include words such as there and their as well as they’re, your together with you’re, wear and where, and its together with it’s.

Ones to watch out for are there/their/they’re, wear/where, its/it’s, your/you’re

8. Before you submit any of the articles that you currently have, you have to make certain that every link that you placed is tested.

It would surely be frustrating if for instance you actually made an effort to write and eventually submit articles, and it would only end up being declined simply because the links on the articles do not work. That is why, it would be to your advantage to spend time checking and even enter the article that you made so that you may preview it and you should also try to click the links, and see if it directs you to the right site.

9. The anchor text that you are going to write should be limited to three words, or actually less than three words.

The Anchor text is the word or group of words that is being hyperlinked on the resource box.

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