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Generating Articles By Means of the Blog that You currently have – part 2

There is a need to do so because there are a lot of publishers who consider the first to the third paragraph as a part that is “before the fold”, while all the proceeding paragraphs are considered to be “after the fold”.

People may actually be wondering what the fold actually is.

An article that you have submitted do not immediately show up as an entire page, which means that the viewer, or the reader would not be able to view the whole article immediately, however they would be able to do so if they actually have a very huge monitor.
There is a high probability that readers would have to scroll up to the bottom of the page just so they would be able to read the whole page. The fold is considered to the part of the page wherein the reader scrolls in order to read through the article. However, no one would actually be able to predict which part of the article would actually get that fold because as we all know, every person has his or her own way of dividing the paragraphs being written. However, there are publishers who consider the actual number of paragraphs which gets the fold is up to the third paragraph, which is why it is said that the links should never be seen in these paragraphs.

It would be to your advantage to include the links after the so-called fold since this may possibly put off the readers from actually finishing the article and before they could actually click on the actual article, or even before they reach and make sense of the whole article. That is why it would always be best to keep the attention of the reader to your article for a longer span of time, and once you have done this, you will surely be able to make this people come back and read your articles.

You should always limit the number of links that you include in the body of your article.

There are a lot of publishers who actually make rules pertaining to these limitations, and it is possible that they would not accept the article that you are going to submit if for instance the number of links that you have exceeds the limit that they set. It is a fact that every publisher has their own respective limit, which is why it would be very difficult to actually know what their definitive link limit is, however, it would always be best not to go over the links of two at the body of the article. You should also make certain that the links that you are going to place would not actually lead back to the website that you have, as this may affect the feedback that you are going to get.

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