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Differentiating an Article from a Press Release – Part 1

It is of utmost importance to know the difference between articles that makes use of article marketing from a press release that whose primary audience are news media. This is the case since this kind of writing may possibly make use of various styles when it comes to writing it.
There may be times when people would submit a press release in the page for submitting articles, without actually realizing that a press release is different from an article, which may be compared to two people who, in fact, belong to two different kinds of species.
However, it may really be too difficult to differentiate the two because they have certain similarities that some people get to mix up.
In order to clarify and clear things out, this discussion would cover the similarities between Article Marketing and Online Press Releases, as well as the differences between them, and how you would be able to transform press releases to articles that are educational and would work for Article Marketing.
If you look at Article Marketing and Online Press Releases you would be able to see that they actually have similarities:
• Both article marketing as well as online press releases require people to write
• Both would need to built backlinks to a particular website
• Both written works provide benefits for SEO since they may aid website owners to get a better or a higher rank as long as keywords are properly used.
• Both of these would have to undergo a process for submission wherein the article used for article marketing and a press release would need to make use of a means for distribution so that they would be able to be acknowledged and seen by publishers.

Below you would be able to see how different article marketing is from a press release made online:
Sensitive to Time and Evergreen
When it comes to writing a press release, writers use pieces of information that are sensitive to time and there is an announcement made. On the other hand, articles are not time sensitive and in fact, it should be educational and timeless as well.

Journalist type and Teacher type
When you write press releases, you have the liberty to discuss regarding the business that you have, however, it should sound like you are providing news and you may not make the press release sound like a sales pitch. In this manner, you would have to write it as if it is being told by someone else, like for instance a journalist, and it is written on the newspaper.

When it comes to article marketing, you should not write stuff that pertain to yourself or even your business or even the product that you are offering.

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