Article Quality Guidelines


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There are several factors that put us above competition.


These factors are:

All the articles are written by live people. The human touch gives the article the special feel and the ability to reach out to people. We do not accept or encourage articles that have been spun by machines.
The links that are given in the articles meant for submission are placed in the main body of the article. The links are mentioned in the author resource box only. This nullifies the chances of your articles being rejected. We give you the right number of links that will ultimately matter.
There are no more than two links in the author resource box. We strickl y follow the quality guidelines that have been set by the article directories.
All of our articles will have at least 410 words. We strictly followis means that they offer enough content for the reader to act upon and be interested in reading it.
The grammar and spelling is flawless. We ensure that all the articles follow the rules of grammar and spelling so that the article is not only readable but also has an impact on the reader. We certainly do believe in first impressions being crucial ones. We follow the correct pattern required of formal or communicative article. Grammar and spelling can make or mar your impression in the business arena. We will never let you down in that sphere.

Acceptance ratio will be between  30% to up to 90%. This is possible because of the utmost care that we take for all the articles before we submit them. We ensure the quality and the specific category to which the articles are going to be submitted. You will find plenty of niche directories online besides the generic ones.We do not post the article haphazardly but only for niches that are relevant to your particular product or service. Thus your reach to the audience becomes wider and it will be result in more sales. In case we find that the article directory does suit you we just leave it aside. Webelieve that the quality of articles and relevant submission is more important than the numbers which are not going to promote your business. is an authorized reseller of goods and services provided by